We are ai growth solution for business.

Thousands of companies rely on Think Sales Solutions to boost their sales through AI-driven cold email automation and LinkedIn outreach. Our proprietary software harnesses cutting-edge AI technology, eliminating the time, guesswork, and manual effort from business development. We deliver guaranteed, proven results.

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What We Do

We are a B2B AI growth solution that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence alongside skilled copywriters to deliver high-quality leads, meetings, and, most importantly, clients.

Our services are powered by our in-house AI-driven cold email marketing software and LinkedIn outreach tools.

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Business owners often face significant challenges, including a shortage of leads and customers, compounded by a lack of expertise in sales strategies. That's where companies like ours step in to provide solutions and guidance.

Our Technology

Imagine a world where you can contact your exact target audience, from company position to company size, at scale.

Picture the results of sending 5,000 direct messages a month to decision-makers.

Our solution, powered by in-house ai software, is designed with two goals in mind: cost-effectiveness and major results.

Ai vs human

Our in-house solution offers the perfect blend of human expertise and cutting-edge AI technology.

Utilizing our state-of-the-art AI tools alongside the skills of our talented copywriters, we create highly effective outreach campaigns. With extensive access to over 400 million emails, we deliver the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to connect with clients.

Our approach ensures that every message is personalized and targeted, maximizing engagement and response rates. By combining the precision of AI with the creativity of our team, we provide a cost-effective and results-driven service designed to meet your business needs and help you achieve your growth objectives.

We provide comprehensive marketing and sales solutions that cover every stage of the customer journey, including:

Market Strategies

Designing effective go-to-market strategies tailored to your business objectives.

Sales Appointments

Arranging new sales appointments through our telemarketing services.

High-quality leads

Generating high-quality leads via inbound and outbound methods.

Optimal Performance

Managing your advertising platforms for optimal performance.

Compelling Content

Creating compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Automated Processes

Implementing streamlined and automated processes for lead handling, including AI outreach

Why choose us?


Targeted Outreach

We enable you to reach your exact audience and decision-makers, ensuring your messages are seen by the right people.



Our solution maximizes your budget by combining AI efficiency with human expertise, delivering high-quality leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


Proven System

The system we use to acquire our own clients is the same one we implement for you, demonstrating its effectiveness and reliability.



Our approach grows with your business, allowing you to easily increase your outreach efforts and expand your client base as needed.

How We
Run Growth

After working with 135+ companies, we've perfected an agile growth process. We run ROI-focused tests hacked by data. And we're fast !

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Proven Go-To-Market Strategy Framework

Set the growth course and eliminate expensive pitfalls

Tailored Marketing Technologies

Create integrated and automated marketing and sales funnels.

End-To-End B2B Lead Generation Campaigns

Attract, engage and nurture prospective customers at scale.

Persistent Performance Management And Optimization

Maximize the ROI and keep your sales team focused on what matters most

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Lead generation doesn't need to be expensive and unpredictable. Let us use our tried-and-tested solutions to deliver unparalleled results.

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+44 333 335 6392

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